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Writing Research in the Making


Saturday, February 5


8:00 am

Registration & Coffee

Phelps Courtyard


Book Exhibit Opens

Phelps 1172






Plenary Session 1

Buchanan 1910

Chair: Paul M. Rogers, University of California, Santa Barbara



Conference Welcome

Charles Bazerman, University of California, Santa Barbara

"The Many Dimensions of Writing Research."


Writing is an historically emerged social and technological phenomenon that challenges our human capabilities and has deep impact on our thoughts and identity. Institutions of schooling, knowledge, self-development, and social organization have been built upon it, while it has affected almost all other major human institutions. As such many disciplines in the humanities, social sciences, life sciences, and even physical sciences have had an interest in writing. Gathering together all we know about writing and projecting lines of future inquiry require a broad and deep look into what many disciplines have to offer.


Saturday, February 5


Concurrent Sessions A  


Panel A-1       Teaching Undergraduate Research                                          Phelps 2516

Chair: Lise Buranen, California State University, Los Angeles


Joyce Johnston, George Mason University

"Living It to Learn It: Internalizing Standards for Researched Writing at George Mason University."

Joyce Kinkead, Utah State University

"Composition Studies, Undergraduate Research, and the Research University."

Victoria Pak, San Diego State University

"Producing Writing Research:  Contextual Preference Based Learning, A New Instructional Method."



Panel A-2       Alternative Methodologies                                                        Phelps 2533

Chair: René Agustín De Los Santos, University of California, Santa Barbara


Nancy Susan Keranen, Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla

Fatima Encinas Prudencio, Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla 

"The Literature Review:  Weaving the Author's Voice with Other Voices in EFL Research Writing."

Rebecca L. Jackson, Texas State University

"Making the Narrative Turn: 'Story' as Mode and Site of Inquiry in Research on Writing."

Liz Rohan, University of Michigan-Dearborn

"Giving Our Game Away: An Argument for Scholarly Memoir in Research Reports."



Panel A-3       Problems of Interdisciplinary Research                                   Phelps 2536

Chair: Gerri McNenny, Chapman University


Matthew Pearson, University of Wisconsin

"Understanding How University/Community Partnerships 'Get Into People.'"

Michael Galaviz, New Mexico State University

"Intradisciplinary Cognitive Apprenticeship: Restructuring First-Year Composition Instruction."

Gesa Kirsch, Bentley College

"Methodological and Ethical Challenges of Historical Literacy Research."




Panel A-4       Research Ethics: Ethos and Politics                                         Phelps 3525

Chair: Nancy Barron, Northern Arizona University


Maria Cochran, Iowa State University

"Ethos as Research Framework:   Interdisciplinary, Cross Disciplinary, Cross Media, and Cross-Cultural Challenges."

Kimberly Emmons, Case Western Reserve University

"Writing as a Human Subject:  The Ethics and Possibilities of Institutional Review."

Jennifer Trainor, University of Pittsburgh

"Investigating Race Across Institutions:  Ethical Dilemmas in University-School Research Collaborations."



Panel A-5       “The Portraits of Composition” Research Study:  A Preliminary Report

Chair: Naomi E. Silver, University of Michigan                                                Phelps 2524


Kathleen Blake Yancey, Clemson University

Teddi Fishman, Clemson University



Panel A-6       Writing and Thinking in WAC                                               Phelps 3526

Chair: Christine Modey, University of Michigan


Perry Phillips, Humboldt State University

"The Accurate Determination of Academic Writing Tasks Across the Curriculum."

Leslie Perlman, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

"Disciplinary Cross-Talk: Research on Writing at a Technical Institute."



Panel A-7       Disciplinary Histories                                                               Phelps 2532

Chair: Kit O'Toole, Northern Illinois University


Andrea Muldoon, University of Wisconsin-Stout

"Researching the Voices of Composition Research:  A Study of Published Voices in Rhetoric and Composition Key Disciplinary Journals."

Anne Trubek, Oberlin College 

"Book History and Rhetoric and Composition."



Panel A-8       Striking a Pose:  Taking the Fear of Research out of Teacher-Research 

Chair: Elizabeth Losh, University of California, Irvine                                     Phelps 1444


Stephanie Paterson, California State University, Stanislaus

Juliet Wahleithner, Tokay High School

Laurie Fox, Tokay High School

Workshop A-9  Workshop on Assessment                                                       Phelps 1448

Respondent: Susan Jarratt, University of California, Irvine


Angela González, Texas Christian University

"How Graduate Students (Learn to) Write: An Exploratory Study."

LeeAnne G. Kryder, University of California, Santa Barbara

"Learning AFTER Assessment:  An Ongoing Study of Environmental Professional Writing Skills as They Develop in a Graduate Professional School."



Panel A-10     Writing Research in/for Digital Contexts                                Phelps 1425

Chair: Jim Porter, Michigan State University


Joshua Burnett, Kean University

Sally Chandler, Kean University

Jacklyn Lopez, Kean University

Colleen Reilly, University of North Carolina at Wilmington

Heidi McKee, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Danielle Nicole DeVoss, Michigan State University











Phelps Courtyard

Saturday, February 5


Plenary Session 2

Buchanan 1910

Chair: Sheridan Blau, University of California, Santa Barbara



Richard Sterling and Paul LeMahieu, National Writing Project

With Elyse Eidman-Aadahl, NWP, http://www.writingproject.org/


"Because Writing Matters: Examining the National Writing Project's
Partnerships Programs and Results."


The 185-site National Writing Project network develops local capacity for improving student achievement by improving the teaching and uses of writing in schools.  NWP prepares participants for leadership roles through their examining effective practices, studying research, and improving knowledge of writing by writing.  This presentation examines national events elevating the importance of writing in schools, discusses the key elements of effective writing programs, describes the professional development and support necessary to realize such programs, and presents findings of research that investigate the NWP approach and its impacts.








Phelps Courtyard




National Research Initiative Caucus

Phelps 2524 (feel free to bring your lunch with you)


Caucuses are lunchtime events that allow people to build networks and plan future action.  The National Research Initiative Caucus responds to recent calls for writing educators to consider nationwide research projects, and/or to begin connecting local research projects to a more national conversation about what our research is telling us about effective writing pedagogy.

Saturday, February 5


Plenary Session 3

Buchanan 1910

Chair: Susan McLeod, University of California, Santa Barbara



Andrea Lunsford, Deborah Brandt, and Lee Ann Carroll

"Longitudinal Studies of Writing: Three Perspectives."


Andrea Lunsford, Stanford University 

With Jenn Fishman, University of Tennessee

and Erin Krampetz, Stanford University

"The Stanford Study of Writing: Methods and Materials."


In this presentation, we will highlight some of the methodological problems we encountered as we attempted to capture a wide range of "writing" and some of the lessons we learned from what students submitted over a three-year period. If time permits, we will focus on several particular students and the writing they do both inside and out of class.



Deborah Brandt, University of Wisconsin-Madison

"The Longitude of Literacy."


Most longitudinal studies in writing research focus on the literate development of individuals across time, often as a window into the contexts that promote that development. What is the use of life histories in understanding the longitudinal development of literacy itself as a cultural and historical force? This presentation will reflect on the value of autobiographical testimony as a window into the history and development of literacy.



Lee Ann Carroll, Pepperdine University

"Corrective Lenses: Re-seeing College Writing Through Longitudinal Studies."


This presentation reports on research methodology and conclusions from a study following 20 undergraduate students from their first year to graduation, and shows how study conclusions may lead us to rethink purposes and methods in first-year composition courses.


Saturday, February 5


Concurrent Sessions B


Workshop B-1 Workshop on Multiple Media                                               Phelps 3525

Respondents:  Paul Prior, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

                        Caroline Haythornthwaite, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Brenda M. Helmbrecht, California Polytechnic State University

"The Detective in All of Us."

Ronit Sarig, California State University Northridge

"Using the Internet to Learn about Politics in the Freshman Composition Class."

Joyce Moser, Stanford University

"Baiting the Hook: Iconographic American Images and the Illustrated Research Paper."

(Scott) Bump Halbritter, Stanford University

"Investigating Cause and Effect in Multimedia Compositions."



Panel B-2       Thought and Composing                                                          Phelps 2536

Chair: Robert Bracewell, McGill University


Amy Kyratzis, University of California, Santa Barbara

"Literary Devices:  Tense-aspect Shifting and Plot Building Devices in Preschoolers' Narratives of Pretense."

Kevin Roozen, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

"Pi, the Poetry Slam and Middle School Math:  Tracing Tools across the Literate Landscape."

Teri Chavkin, University of California, Santa Barbara,

"Examining ‘Process’ Through the Lens of Disability in the Writing Classroom."



Panel B-3       Behind the Scenes of Multidisciplinary and Multimedia Research in Professional Writing                                                                                         Phelps 3526

Chair: Jennifer Johnson, California State University, Northridge     


Elizabeth Giddens, Kennesaw State University

"What Are the Challenges of Using Conversational Interviews?"

Susan M. Hunter, Kennesaw State University

"What Disciplinary Perspectives Inform our Research?"

Margaret B. Walters, Kennesaw State University

"How Can We Exploit the Promise of Multimedia?"




Panel B-4       Research into Large-Scale Assessment on Writing                  Phelps 2533

Chair: Rebecca L. Jackson, Texas State University


Cissy Ross, University of California, Santa Barbara 

"How Do Media Reports about the New SAT 'Writing' Test Reflect Values about Composition Instruction?"

David West Brown, University of Michigan 

"The Genre of AP:  A Functional Analysis of High and Low Scoring Advanced Placement Literature Exams."



Panel B-5       Genre Theory and Graduate Student Research                        Phelps 2524

Chair: Maria Cochran, Iowa State University


Irene Clark, California State University, Northridge

Teresa Boyer, California State University, Northridge

Kathy Leslie, California State University, Northridge

Robert Baukholt, California State University, Northridge

Regina Clemens Fox, Arizona State University



Panel B-6       The Value of Qualitative Research                                          Phelps 1425

Chair: Kimberly Emmons, Case Western Reserve University


Nicole R. Brown, Western Washington University

Graham Smart, Carleton University 

"Participatory Action Research and the Making of Knowledge"

Douglas Downs, Utah Valley State College

"Hyper Tranigulation: Generalizing in/from a Radically Contextualized World"


Panel B-7       A Writing Program Assessment: Transforming a Mandate into an Opportunity for Research                                                                                  Phelps 1444

Chair: Jennifer Trainor, University of Pittsburgh                                           

Elizabeth S. Abrams, University of California, Santa Cruz

Carol Freeman, University of California, Santa Cruz

Mark Baker, University of California, Santa Cruz

Farnaz Fatemi, University of California, Santa Cruz



Panel B-8       Teaching Primary Research:  Encouraging Multiples Perspectives in Student Projects                                                                                                 Phelps 1440

Chair: Heather E. Rosso, Syracuse University                                              


Nancy Barron, Northern Arizona University

Sibylle Gruber, Northern Arizona University



Panel B-9       Transforming Intellectual Work Into Research                      Phelps 1448

Chair:  Onur Azeri, Kent State University


Jennifer Morrison, Niagara University

Kathleen Maloney, St. Mary’s University



Panel B-10     Mapping Research on Writing                                                 Phelps 2516

Respondent: George Hillocks, University of Chicago


Mary M. Juzwik, Michigan State University

Svjetlana Curcic, Michigan State University

Kimberly Wolbers, Michigan State University

Kathleen Moxley, Michigan State University

Rebecca Shankland, Michigan State University

Lisa Dimling, Michigan State University



Panel B-11     Thinking and WAC                                                                  Phelps 2532

Chair: Sally Chandler, Kean University


Karen Carlisi, Pasadena City College

Wei-I Wang, Pasadena City College

"The Thinking-Writing Connection in WAC Assessment."

Christina Halliday, Ontario College of Art and Design

"Social Contexts and the Teaching and Learning of Critical Writing."











Saturday, February 5


Concurrent Sessions C


Panel C-1       Choices of Method                                                                    Phelps 2524

Chair: Graham Smart, Carleton University 


Anne Beaufort, Stony Brook University (SUNY)

"From Theory to Research to the Classroom and Back to Theory."

Rebecca Burnett, Iowa State University

"Risks and Hazards in Boundary Crossing Research."

Christina Haas, Kent State University [2nd author Stephen Witte, Kent State University]

"The Challenges and Benefits of Grounded Theory Methodology for Researchers of Writing and Literacy."



Panel C-2       Writing and Diversity                                                               Phelps 3525

Chair: Margaret K. Willard-Traub, Oakland University


Ruth Shagoury, Lewis and Clark College

"Worlds beneath the Words:  Writing with Adolescent English Language Learners."

Elizabeth Losh, University of California, Irvine

"Digital Divide and Language Communities."

Steve Lamos, Illinois State University

"Sponsoring High Risk Writing Instruction:  A Tale of Two Institutions."



Panel C-3       Assessing the Writing Studio:  Reflection, Revision, and Professionalization                                                                                           Phelps 2516

Chair: Ilene Miele, University of California, Santa Barbara


Gerri McNenny, Chapman University

Brandice Valentino, Chapman University

Jacquelyn Fleishon, Chapman University

Kurt Nelson, Chapman University

Jon Bodnar, Chapman University


Panel C-4       Evaluating Student Writing:  Team Grading Demonstration
and Discussion
                                                                                                  Phelps 1440

Chair: Joyce Johnston, George Mason University                                       


Bob Mayberry, California State University, Channel Islands

Camilla Griggers, California State University, Channel Islands

Christine Popok, California State University, Channel Islands

Anne Kellenberger, California State University, Channel Islands



Panel C-5       Right Thing, Wrong Time:  The Negation of Institutional Research
and Reform
                                                                                                       Phelps 2533

Chair: Douglas Downs, Utah Valley State College


Scott Stevens, Western Washington University

Kim Donehower, University of North Dakota

Rick Hansen, California State University, Fresno



Panel C-6       Writing and the Civic Sphere                                                   Phelps 1444

Chair: Victoria Pak, San Diego State University


Lukasz Jonak, Warsaw University

"Writings as Social Institutions."

Thomas A. Moriarty, Salisbury University

"Writing in the Public Sphere:  Methods for Researching the Rhetorical Practices of Civic Participation."



Panel C-7       The Particularity of Judgment                                                 Phelps 1448

Chair: James Ford, University of California, Santa Barbara


William H. Thelin, University of Akron 

"Balancing the Needs of Instructors, Students, and Administrators in Programmatic Portfolio Assessment."

Stephanie L. Kerschbaum, University of Wisconsin, Madison

"Writing as Difference:  Students' Textual Production and Performances of Peer Review."

David Reamer, University of Arizona

"The Rhetoric of Response:  A Cluster Analysis of Instructor Comments."


Panel C-8       Social-Technological Writing Networks                                 Phelps 3526

Chair: Fify Juliana, Arizona State University


Jessica Reyman, University of Minnesota 

Smiljana Anonijevic, University of Minnesota

"Into the Blogosphere: Challenges and Rewards of Using Weblogs for Scholarly Writing and Publishing."

Jeff Grabill, Michigan State University

"Understanding Writing as the Coordination of Technological and Cultural Activities."



Workshop C-9 Workshop on Researching the Profession                             Phelps 1425

Respondents:  Andrea Lunsford, Stanford University

                        Karen J. Lunsford, University of California, Santa Barbara


Bob Samuels, University of California, Los Angeles

"The Role of Research in Non-Tenure Track, Teaching-Centered Writing Lectureships."

Jennifer Johnson, California State University, Northridge

"Genealogy as Research Method:  A Qualitative Approach to Tracing Paradigms in the Discipline."


Panel C-10     Re-Framing Writing Research                                                 Phelps 2536

Chair: Amanda Stansell, University of California, Santa Barbara


Wendy Strachan, Simon Fraser University

Adrienne Burk, Simon Fraser University

"Researching the Classroom as Intertidal Zone." 

David Stacey, Humboldt State University

Jennifer Johnson, Humboldt State University

"Using Mini-Projects to Teach Composition Research."        







Saturday Evening Reception

Wine and Cheese!

at the

University Center, Room 2502

(Graduate Student Association Lounge)


Sunday, February 6


8:00 am

Registration & Coffee

Bag Check Opens

Phelps Courtyard


Book Exhibit Opens

Phelps 1172






Plenary Session 4 

Buchanan 1910

Chair: Sheridan Blau, University of California, Santa Barbara



George Hillocks, Professor Emeritus, University of Chicago

"The Obsessional Focus on Form in the Teaching of Writing."


The talk will review research over many years indicating the obsessional focus on form by teachers and textbooks.  It will argue for a departure from that focus to attend to matters that research shows are more consequential for learning to write.  It will conclude with a description of research that indicates that focus on content has far greater effects than the focus on form alone. 


Sunday, February 6


Plenary Session 5

Buchanan 1910

Chairs: Sheridan Blau and René Agustín De Los Santos

University of California, Santa Barbara



Tom Fox, Chico State University, Northern California Writing Project

With Suzanne Linebarger, Pines Elementary, Northern California Writing Project

"The Struggle for Respect: Literacy and Participation in Rural Schools."


This presentation examines the role of rural schools in economically impoverished areas, particularly the ways that these schools involve students as engaged participants in a community institution.  The central preoccupation of this study is the value of this institution for students who struggle for the most basic material benefits. What does “participation" mean for these students? What can we learn from the success of these small schools?



Cezar Ornatowski, San Diego State University

"Writing and Democracy: Teaching for Change in Poland and South Africa."


The talk will be based on a comparative research project focused on the role of rhetoric and writing in the political transformations in Poland and South Africa. The project was carried out over the last two years under a grant from the National Research Council of the Republic of South Africa and the National Scholarly Research Committee of Poland by teams from the Center for Rhetoric Studies at the University of Cape Town and the Center for the Study of the Antique Tradition in Europe at the University of Warsaw. The talk will focus on the diverse roles of writing in the remaking of the two national communities and particularly on their educational implications.










Phelps Courtyard

Sunday, February 6


Concurrent Sessions D  


Panel D-1       From Research Paper to Scholarly Article:  Working with Undergrads to Publish their Research                                                                                      Phelps 1440

Chair: William H. Thelin, University of Akron 


Laurie Grobman, Penn State University, Berks-Lehigh Valley College

Matthew Bunce, Michigan Technological University



Panel D-2       Science, Technology and Writing                                            Phelps 3526

Chair: Stephanie L. Kerschbaum, University of Wisconsin, Madison


Onur Azeri, Kent State University

"Human Factors Research and Systems of Representation:  The Problem of the Passenger Safety Card."

Brenton Faber, Clarkson University

Romana Semouchtchak, Clarkson University

"Writing Nanoscience & Making Undergraduate Research."

Neal Lerner, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

"Composition as Laboratory Work."



Panel D-3       WAC Learning                                                                          Phelps 2516

Chair: David Reamer, University of Arizona


Marty Patton, University of Missouri

"The Complexities of Enculturation:  Issues Competing with Written Exchange between Professor and Student in an Undergraduate Civil Engineering Course."

Joyce Magnotto Neff, Old Dominion University

"WAC in Practice:  Low-stakes Reflective Writing in Counselor Education."

Steven J. Corbett, University of Washington

"Writing Center Research in the Making:  Questioning Hierarchies of Authority Across the Curriculum."


Panel D-4       Ethics for Challenging Research Sites                                    Phelps 3525

Chair: Thomas Moriarty, Salisbury University


Heather E. Rosso, Syracuse University

"From Lurker, to Researcher to Member: Transitions in Online Ethnography."

Margaret Price, Spelman College

"Duly Informed: Rethinking Consent in Qualitative and Teacher Research."

Margaret K. Willard-Traub, Oakland University

"Material Witnessing:  Researching the Rhetoric of Contemporary Death Penalty Mitigation."



Panel D-5       Constructing Intellectual Property Research                           Phelps 2524

Chair: Anne Whitney, University of California, Santa Barbara


Carol Peterson Haviland, California State University, San Bernardino

Joan Mullin, University of Texas, Austin

Denise Stephenson, Mira Costa Community College, Oceanside

Andrea Lunsford, Stanford University

Lise Buranen, California State University, Los Angeles

Marvin Diogenes, Stanford University



Panel D-6       The SpringBoard Writing Program for Grades 6-12               Phelps 1425

Chair: Robert Krut, University of California, Santa Barbara


Arthur VanderVeen, The College Board



Panel D-7       "Difficult" Reading, "Basic" Writing: Three Approaches to Reading in a First-Year Writing Classroom                                                                        Phelps 2532

Chair: Christine Law, University of California, Santa Barbara


Margaret Lazarus Dean, University of Michigan

Christine Modey, University of Michigan

Naomi E. Silver, University of Michigan


Workshop D-8 Disciplinarity                                                                         Phelps 2536

Respondent: Deborah Brandt, University of Wisconsin-Madison


Lance Massey, Elon University

"The Dynamics of Disciplinarity and Disciplinary Conflict in Composition's Ethical Turn."

Chris Werry, San Diego State University

"Writing and the Figure of the Computer in Cognitive Theories of Language."

Scott Herndon, University of California, Santa Barbara

"Infrastructure and Hysteresis."



Panel D-9       Measure for Measure:  How Writing Research Shapes Research Writing in a New First-year Writing Program at George Washington University      

Chair: Gesa Kirsch, Bentley College                                                                 Phelps 1444


Randi Gray Kristensen, The George Washington University

Phyllis Mentzell Ryder, The George Washington University

Steven P. Salchak, The George Washington University












Phelps Courtyard




California Caucus

Phelps 2524 (feel free to bring your lunch with you)


Caucuses are lunchtime events that allow people to build networks and plan future action.  The California Caucus brings together people affected by recent changes in the various California Writing Assessments, and it encourages researchers to develop cross-institutional research projects and other forms of mutual support.

Sunday, February 6


Plenary Session 6

Buchanan 1910

Chair: Anne Whitney, University of California, Santa Barbara



Paul Prior, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

"Re-situating and Re-mediating the Canons: Reflections on

Writing Research and Rhetoric."


The five classical canons (invention, arrangement, style, memory, delivery) have continued to offer a framework for rhetoric although research on writing has often moved beyond them over the past three decades. Drawing on sociocultural theories of activity and practice as well as a growing body of research on literate activity in diverse settings, this talk proposes a grounded revision of the canons, projects lines of research that could flow from such a revision, and offers a brief illustration of such research from one current project.



Caroline Haythornthwaite, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Karen J. Lunsford, University of California, Santa Barbara

"Challenges of Interdisciplinary, Distributed, Collaborative Research."


Although many funding agencies are calling on researchers to collaborate across disciplines and across computer networks, such work is easier said than done.  In this talk, we reflect on some of the issues we have encountered and studied on our research teams. We contribute to collaboration theory, and we offer some practical observations for people who plan to undertake such projects.



Sunday, February 6


Concurrent Sessions E


Panel E-1       Understanding the Uses of Technology                                   Phelps 3526

Chair: Lance Massey, Elon University


Kit O'Toole, Northern Illinois University

"The Big Picture:  Current Online Writing Lab (OWL) Research and Theory."

Jeremiah Dyehouse, University of Rhode Island 

"On the Rhetorical Origins of Computer-Automated Writing Assessment."

James Donelan, University of California, Santa Barbara

"A New Kind of Violin:  Challenges in Research and Administration for Computer Assisted Writing Pedagogy."



Panel E-2       Writing and Visual Representations                                        Phelps 3525

Chair: Joyce Moser, Stanford University


Michael R. Moore, Michigan Technological University

"Research on Writing in New Media Contexts: Text, Context, Reader Response"

Christine Law, University of California, Santa Barbara

Harriet Levine, University of California, Santa Barbara

"Students' Written Responses to the Henrietta Marie Slave Ship Exhibit"

Alejandro Rangel-Huerta, Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla

Nancy Susan Keranen, Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla

"Solving Problems of the Conversion of Abstract Graphical Models in Writing Quantitative Research Reports in the Benémerita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla:  An Action Research Project."



Workshop E-3   Representing Writing                                                             Phelps 2536

Respondents: Paul LeMahieu, National Writing Project
                        Cezar Ornatowski, San Diego State University


Kim Douillard, University of California San Diego/Cardiff School

"Quality of Writing."

David Gold, Ensworth High School

"Will the Circle Be Unbroken? The Rhetoric of Complaint Against Student Writing."






Panel E-4       Reflections on Research Processes and Knowledge Products    

Chair: (Scott) Bump Halbritter, Stanford University                                        Phelps 1425


Mary P. Sheridan-Rabideau, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

"The Economies of Writing."

Nick Tingle, University of California, Santa Barbara

"For Whom Does One Write?"

Fify Juliana, Arizona State University

"International Students Perceiving Technological, Academic, and Second Language Literacies."



Workshop E-5   Workshop on Turning Teaching into Research                   Phelps 1444

Respondent: Lee Ann Carroll, Pepperdine University

George Hillocks, University of Chicago


Ilene Miele, University of California, Santa Barbara

Randy Sandford, Hueneme High School

"The Academic Writing Partnership: Making and Sharing Knowledge through Collaboration."

Susan Bennett, Humboldt State University

"The Perfect Classroom."

David Franke, SUNY, Cortland

"Reading the Writing on the Wall: Writing in ‘Alternative’ Spaces."



Panel E-6       Gender                                                                                       Phelps 1440

Chair: Suzie Null, University of California, Santa Barbara


Kim Gunter, University of North Carolina, Pembroke

"Mapping Queer Contact Zones:  How Geography and Institutionality Can Squelch Research into Diversity."

Belinda Kremer, C.W. Post/Long Island University

"(When the Center Holds): Sex, Suicide & Scholarship."



Panel E-7       Transformations: Teachers Becoming Writers and Writing Researchers

Chair: Sarah Hochstetler, University of California, Santa Barbara                    Phelps 2524


Anne Whitney, University of California, Santa Barbara

"Transformative Power of Writing:  Teachers' Writing at the NWP Summer Institute."

Kate Chanock, La Trobe University

"Ours Is To Reason Why:  How One-to-One Teaching Becomes Writing Research."



Panel E-8       Activity Theory                                                                          Phelps 2516

Chair: Monica Bulger, University of California, Santa Barbara


Hunter Stephenson, University of Houston Clear Lake

"We Ain't in the Zone Yet."

Robert J. Bracewell, McGill University [2nd author Christina Haas, Kent State
University] "The Joint Task and Work Ensemble:  Constructs for Characterizing Writing Activity in the Workplace."


René Agustín De Los Santos, University of California, Santa Barbara

"Writing Web Sites, Organizing Web Sites."




Sunday, February 6


Plenary Session 7 

Buchanan 1910

Chair: Karen J. Lunsford



Susan Jarratt and Susan McLeod

"Retrospective Writing Histories:

 Student Writing across the Curriculum at Two UC's"


Susan Jarratt, University of California, Irvine,

with Katherine Mack, University of California, Irvine
 and Shevaun Watson, University of South Carolina

A small-scale, interview-based study of University of California, Irvine, juniors reveals a sophisticated self-understanding of writing processes as well as some striking insights about development among students who have just completed their advanced writing requirement, but an uneven  transfer of terminology, especially concerning academic genres, from  required composition to upper-division courses in discipline-based  writing.  Some students reported a conceptual shift (a regression, in our view) from the "difficult" integration of writing and thinking that characterized first-year composition to the easier notion of writing as a neutral vehicle for delivering the content of disciplinary knowledge, although differences in students' majors (humanities vs. science, social  science, and technology) became noticeable at this point.  These conceptual issues are difficult to address at a campus where faculty in the disciplines teach advanced writing.



Susan McLeod, University of California, Santa Barbara

with Paul M. Rogers, University of California, Santa Barbara

and Sarah Hochstetler, University of California, Santa Barbara


This presentation will discuss the results of two studies, one at the University of California, Irvine, and the other at the University of California, Santa Barbara.  The purpose of the studies, conducted in winter and spring 2004, was to determine how students make sense of their writing instruction over the years of undergraduate study, and specifically what kinds of connections they make between lower- and upper-division writing experiences.  We will present our preliminary findings, and will also reflect on the virtues and limits of the research design we employed.



Conference Conclusion 

Please join us at the Beachside Bar-Café!

Index of Chairs and Presenters


Abrams, Elizabeth S.:  B-7

Anonijevic, Smiljana:  C-8

Azeri, Onur:  B-9, D-2

Baker, Mark:  B-7

Barron, Nancy:  A-4, B-8

Baukholt, Robert:  B-5

Bazerman, Charles:  plenary 1

Beaufort, Anne:  C-1

Bennett, Susan:  E-5

Blau, Sheridan:  plenary 2, plenary 4

Bodnar, Jon:  C-3

Boyer, Teresa:  B-5

Bracewell, Robert:  B-2, E-8

Brandt, Deborah:  plenary 3, D-8

Brown, David West:  B-4

Brown, Nicole R.:  B-6

Bulger, Monica:  E-8

Bunce, Matthew:  D-1

Buranen, Lise:  A-1, D-5

Burk, Adrienne:  C-10

Burnett, Joshua:  A-10

Burnett, Rebecca:  C-1

Carlisi, Karen:  B-11

Carroll, Lee Ann:  plenary 3, E-5

Chandler, Sally:  A-10, B-11

Chanock, Kate:  E-7

Chavkin, Teri:  B-2

Clark, Irene:  B-5

Cochran, Maria:  A-4, B-5

Corbett, Steven J.:  D-3

Curcic, Svjetlana:  B-10

De Los Santos, René Agustín:  A-2, plenary 5, E-8

Dean, Margaret Lazarus:  D-7

DeVoss, Danielle Nicole:  A-10

Dimling, Lisa:  B-10

Diogenes, Marvin:  D-5

Donehower, Kim:  C-5

Donelan, James:  E-1

Douillard, Kim:  E-3

Downs, Douglas:  B-6, C-5

Dyehouse, Jeremiah:  E-1

Eidman-Aadahl, Elyse:  plenary 2

Emmons, Kimberly:  A-4, B-6

Encinas Prudencio, Fatima:  A-2

Faber, Brenton:  D-2

Fatemi, Farnaz:  B-7

Fishman, Jenn:  plenary 3

Fishman, Teddi:  A-5

Fleishon, Jacquelyn: C-3

Ford, James: C-7

Fox, Laurie:  A-8

Fox, Regina Clemens:  B-5

Fox, Tom:  plenary 5

Franke, David:  E-5

Freeman, Carol:  B-7 

Galaviz, Michael:  A-3

Giddens, Elizabeth:  B-3

Gold, David:  E-3

González, Angela:  A-9

Grabill, Jeff:  C-8

Griggers, Camilla:  C-4

Grobman, Laurie:  D-1

Gruber, Sibylle:  B-8

Gunter, Kim:  E-6

Haas, Christina:  C-1, E-8

Halbritter, (Scott) Bump:  B-1, E-4

Halliday, Christina:  B-11

Hansen, Rick:  C-5

Haviland, Carol Peterson:  D-5

Haythornthwaite, Caroline:  B-1,
plenary 6

Helmbrecht, Brenda M.:  B-1

Herndon, Scott:  D-8

Hillocks, George:  B-10, E-5, plenary 4

Hochstetler, Sarah: E-7, plenary 7

Hunter, Susan M.:  B-3

Jackson, Rebecca L.:  A-2, B-4

Jarratt, Susan:  A-9, plenary 7

Johnson, Jennifer (Northridge):  B-3, C-9

Johnson, Jennifer (Humboldt):  C-10

Johnston, Joyce: A-1, C-4

Jonak, Lukasz:  C-6

Juliana, Fify:  C-8, E-4

Juzwik, Mary M.:  B-10

Kellenberger, Anne:  C-4

Keranen, Nancy Susan:  A-2, E-2

Kerschbaum, Stephanie L:  C-7, D-2

Kinkead, Joyce:  A-1

Kirsch, Gesa:  A-3, D-9

Krampetz, Erin:  plenary 3

Kremer, Belinda:  E-6

Kristensen, Randi Gray:  D-9

Krut, Robert: D-6

Kryder, LeeAnne G.:  A-9

Kyratzis, Amy:  B-2

Lamos, Steve:  C-2

Law, Christine:  D-7, E-2

LeMahieu, Paul:  plenary 2, E-3

Lerner, Neal:  D-2

Leslie, Kathy:  B-5

Levine, Harriet:  E-2

Linebarger, Suzanne:  plenary 5

Lopez, Jacklyn:  A-10

Losh, Elizabeth:  A-8, C-2

Lunsford, Andrea:  plenary 3, C-9, D-5

Lunsford, Karen:  C-9, plenary 6,

plenary 7

Mack, Katherine:  plenary 7

Maloney, Kathleen:  B-9

Massey, Lance:  D-8, E-1

Mayberry, Bob:  C-4

McKee, Heidi:  A-10

McLeod, Susan:  plenary 3, plenary 7

McNenny, Gerri:  A-3, C-3

Miele, Ilene:  C-3, E-5

Modey, Christine:  A-6, D-7

Moore, Michael R.:  E-2

Moriarty, Thomas A.:  C-6, D-4

Morrison, Jennifer:  B-9

Moser, Joyce:  B-1, E-2

Moxley, Kathleen:  B-10

Muldoon, Andrea:  A-7

Mullin, Joan:  D-5

Neff, Joyce Magnotto:  D-3

Nelson, Kurt:  C-3

Null, Suzie:  E-6

Ornatowski, Cezar: plenary 5, E-3

O'Toole, Kit:  A-7, E-1

Pak, Victoria:  A-1, C-6

Paterson, Stephanie:  A-8

Patton, Marty:  D-3

Pearson, Matthew:  A-3

Perlman, Leslie:  A-6

Phillips, Perry:  A-6

Popok, Christine:  C-4

Porter, Jim:  A-10

Price, Margaret:  D-4

Prior, Paul:  B-1, plenary 6

Rangel-Huerta, Alejandro:  E-2

Reamer, David:  C-7, D-3

Reilly, Colleen:  A-10

Reyman, Jessica:  C-8

Rohan, Liz:  A-2

Rogers, Paul M.: plenary 1, plenary 7

Roozen, Kevin:  B-2

Ross, Cissy:  B-4

Rosso, Heather E.:  B-8, D-4

Ryder, Phyllis Mentzell:  D-9

Salchak, Steven P.:  D-9

Samuels, Bob:  C-9

Sandford, Randy:  E-5

Sarig, Ronit:  B-1

Semouchtchak, Romana:  D-2

Shagoury, Ruth:  C-2

Shankland, Rebecca:  B-10

Sheridan-Rabideau, Mary:  E-4

Silver, Naomi E.:  A-5, D-7

Smart, Graham:  B-6, C-1

Stacey, David:  C-10

Stansell, Amanda:  C-10

Stephenson, Denise:  D-5

Stephenson, Hunter:  E-8

Sterling, Richard:  plenary 2

Stevens, Scott:  C-5

Strachan, Wendy:  C-10

Thelin, William H.:  C-7, D-1

Tingle, Nick:  E-4

Trainor, Jennifer:  A-4, B-7

Trubek, Anne:  A-7

Valentino, Brandice:  C-3

VanderVeen, Arthur:  D-6

Wahleithner, Juliet:  A-8

Walters, Margaret B.:  B-3

Wang, Wei-I:  B-11

Watson, Shevaun:  plenary 7

Werry, Chris:  D-8

Whitney, Anne:  D-5, plenary 6, E-7

Witte, Stephen, C-1

Willard-Traub, Margaret:  C-2, D-4

Wolbers, Kimberly:  B-10

Yancey, Kathleen Blake:  A-5




This conference would not have been possible without the time and dedication of many volunteers.  Many thanks to the following people for their help:


David Baca

Sarah Boggs

Doug Bradley

Monica Bulger

Kendall Busse

Jeanne Chambers

Vichet Chhuon

Eddi Christensen

Adela Contreras

Terie Cota

Lisa Danhi

René De Los Santos

Tim Dewar

Kevin Doerner


Anthony Ellis

James Ford

Gina Genova

Kim Goto

John Goubeaux

Harvey Green

Judith Green

Jeff Hanson

Scott Herndon

Sarah Hochstetler

Ann Holms

Karina Hurley

Grace Kim

Henny Kim

Robert Krut

Stella Lai

Angie Lau

Brian Loftus

Jane Martin

Carola Matera

Janet Mizrahi

Kareen Mo

Monique Navarro

Suzie Null

Doris O'Leske

Eric Olsen

Victoria Olsen

Laurent Opelletier

Debra Park

Cissy Ross

Robert Schwalje

Jessie Singer

Rassami Souryasack

Amanda Stansell

Katie Tucciarone

Anne Whitney

Nora Wright

Irina Zhulamanova




We also thank the following sponsors for their generous support:


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